Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Addition and Subtraction Strategies Math Huddle (Bansho) Lesson

We have been doing a WHOLE lot of adding and subtracting in my class these days! Whew. Here is a look at some of the things we have been doing. (This post is very picture heavy.)

Addition and Subtraction Anchor charts.

Addition and Subtraction Math Huddles

We started with these 2 questions, the first was designed to get the students thinking about regrouping and the second was a typical addition word problem. 

My math huddles are set up so that the students have a minds on (Getting Started) type question that we discuss together. Then we share the lesson problem and often discuss possible strategies together. 

Then I send them out to work on it...usually in pairs or groups. 

I post up most of my student's own work and use that as the teaching point for discussions. 

If there are any gaps then I fill in with what I want the students to learn. 

I often recopy my student's examples so it is a little easier for everyone to read and on the day after the "Working on It" we revisit the learning and annotate the learning. **This can also happen right on the day of working provided that students are able to reach the solutions to the problems within the class time. **

Once we started to feel good with the addition strategies we moved on to subtraction, and the lesson cycle repeats again. 

Getting Started

Lesson Problem

Working On It- this was added underneath the addition examples from our earlier lessons

Finally, anchor charts of big ideas are created or shared. I actually used the annotations on each strategy as the big ideas for this math huddle and then posted these anchor charts that I found online at the Jordan School District. 

And now we practice!! Even though the majority of my Grade 3 students are proficient using the traditional regrouping algorithm for 3-digit addition and subtraction I have insisted that they practice all 5 strategies we studied. It's amazing how many of them have memorized the steps but are unable to communicate their knowledge of place value by using a variety of strategies. The work continues!!

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