Monday, July 4, 2011

A Note to Third Grade Bookworm!

Hello friend! When I click on the link you left as part of our read along for Chapter 2 of The Book Whisperer it says that I need to be invited to read your blog. I would love to read and share your thoughts...any way I can gain access??

Thanks, Beth

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Tracey said...

Add me too! I was so excited to see another 3rd grade blog!

Janaye said...

So I tried to modify my comment for Donalyn Miller because I failed to mention my grade level but when I went to delete it and add a new one, it said comments can no longer be made. :( Here is my modified question, if you will accept it! Sorry! :D

Hi Donalyn, thanks so much for agreeing to this! I just finished your book today--I feel so empowered and READY to transform my students' attitudes about reading. I used to love to read as a child until my high school teachers started requiring us to read books I was NOT interested in. Almost 10 years later and in my 20s I am starting to get back to what I used to love. I want to pass on my passion and excitement to my students. Here is my dilemma....I also teach in Texas (yay STAAR). I teach 4th grade, we are departmentalized and I am the math teacher. I will also teach my homeroom science next school year. I plan to (somehow) squeeze in time to at least read to my homeroom about 10 minutes per day, but that is all I can do. I also use whatever math literature I can get my hands on for my lessons, which my students LOVE. How do you suggest I get my students motivated and passionate about reading when I teach math and science and not Language Arts?

Beth said...


I have already sent the questions off to Donalyn as she is preparing to leave for a vacation soon...sorry. Hopefully, your original question is okay.

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