Friday, October 28, 2011

Want to be a contributor?

I am looking for blogs that are interested in being a contributor during Foldables day, two days, everyday...your choice!

Please leave a comment below with the following information:

1) Which days you would like to contribute to
2) Your blog's name and address
3) Anything else you want me to know!!

Looking forward to having you join in!!

8 Brilliant Teaching Thoughts:

Runde's Room said...

Beth, I'd love to do a post - probably just in math right now, as that's really the only subject I've done them in so far ... but if I get a great idea for another one before then, I'll let you know.

Runde's Room

Teaching with Grace said...

Hi! I would love to share a day. I have a couple of great ideas for foldables that I've used for several years in upper grades. They could easily be adapted for younger grades as well. Thanks for this opportunity!

Classic Crafter

Jen R said...

Hi Beth!
I'd love to be a contributor :) I can do either Math, Science, or Reading/Language Arts. Just let me know!

Deborah Devine said...

I'd like to be a contributor. I can do one for the area of 5th/6th Grade Math.
Since I focus on Multigrade Classes, I want to show how one assignment can be made with different expectations for the two different grade levels.
Just let me know. I love your idea of a foldable week.

Leslie said...

Hi Beth!

I do foldables at least twice a week in both Math and Science. I can share the 2 we recently did in science. I teach 6th grade, but these could be used for any classification assignment. What a great idea for foldables week! Just let me know whatever days you want me to post:)


Maria said...

Hey, I'd like to contribute. I can do one for any subject in third grade.. Let me know!


Kris Hughes said...

I would love to contribute. I have a fun math idea to share! Just one day- any day is fine!

Janaye said...

I would LOVE to contribute!!! Foldables=happiness!! I have foldables for math, science, and social studies. I am not sure how much time I can dedicate to this but I would love to do what I can!


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