Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Guiding Readers Survey Results

Wow!! Thank you so much for all your responses. 

Here is what the results showed.

1. How do you feel about your current guided reading program?

2. Describe what you believe guided reading to be.

- teaching strategies to improve comprehension and fluency
- teaching students to become solid, fluent, comprehending readers
- small group instruction based on reading concepts already taught in class
- teaching students in small groups at their instructional level
- providing rich opportunities in a small group setting to help them be successful and move them onto the next level
a time for readers to take on responsibility for utilizing skills and strategies already taught during whole class lessons
 a time to bring readers with a common need together to work on a common goal
what every student individually needs to make them successful in reading
guided instruction on word attack and comprehension strategies
a well thought-out plan for engaging students with text to encourage independent thinking, discussion and metacognitive skill development
- it's ultimate purpose to develop effective, independent readers who comprehend deeply, broadly and critically

3. How often during a 5 day week do you implement guiding 
reading into your literacy program?

4. Do you have to use a mandated guided reading program in your classroom?

Other responses:
- Treasures
- Continuum for Literacy Learning by Fountas and Pinell

5. Do you have any other professional books on guided reading to recommend?

I think we will save this juicy topic for it's own post!

6. What are your goals for participating in this book study?

Become better at leading my struggling students to grow as readers
To actually make the most of the given minutes i have, give myself a focus for each group
As a K-5 Literacy Coach, my goal is to help teachers create a manageable system for guided reading and how to utilize the short time that we have with each group to maximize student learning
To find out how to do something better; to collaborate with others to find out what works in their classrooms and what doesn't work; activities to do to keep the rest of the class busy while working with individual groups
To be more effective in my approach to guided reading. I feel like my instruction is disorganized and very haphazard. Don't feel like what I'm doing is very effective
As a mentor literacy teacher (and long-time former instructor for the OISE Reading Specialist course) I continue to enjoy and learn from professional dialogue on this subject
Help me not feel so lost. After 7 years, I still feel like I don't truly know if I am doing what best helps my students. I am much more confident in math and science. Reading is not my strong suit
To figure out a better way to organize my thinking....

Well, that is a lot to think about. A lot! I hope that the book study is everything for everybody, but if I have learned anything from my years as a teacher it's what you make of it. Post about the book. Comment on each other's posts. Ask questions. Post again. Help each other as much as possible. And of course, have fun!

3 Brilliant Teaching Thoughts:

Mrs. Corbitt said...

WOW, looking at the data I have decided that you guys are my Guided Reading Heroes!!! I would love to say that I was able to pull a guided reading group 5 out of 5 days, but honestly and unfortunately that just isn't so. My goal for the upcoming year is to try to at least pull groups 4 out of 5 days because I know how powerful it can be when implemented with fidelity. Thank you for allowing me to see that this goal is possible and I hope that I can stick to it. Wish me luck :)

Stacy said...

Mrs. Corbitt-
Remember that depending on the grade level (I work with intermediate students most often) and reading level of the students, you may not be pulling all of your groups 5 days a week. I answered that in terms of "I am in Guided Reading 5 days/week" Typically I guide my below level readers every day in a small group, but my on-level and above level readers meet with me 2-3 time per week depending on our focus:)

Beth said...

@Mrs.Corbitt- I have no doubt that you can do it if you want to! I haven't been able to meet with groups as frequently as I like either so we can work on it together!

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