Friday, July 6, 2012

Follow The Road to Freebies

I have been seeing so many great examples of teacher organization/planning binders around the blog-o-sphere that I decided I wanted to make one for myself this year! Plus, it is was International Blog Hopping Day!

Follow for Freebies

I've started with just the cover pages for each of the sections I think I might use...and I made a couple extra just for you all that I know won't apply to me. Each file is a separate download so you can pick the ones that you want, or get them all!

I use a single assessment page for each of my students so that I can see all of their progress in one place. 

I love being able to see ahead to where I am going with my instruction.

Blank!! Totally customizable...BUT, if you have an idea for a cover page that you don't see here but would really like, please leave me a comment below and I can whip one up for you

For my American friends!
 (we don't have Common Core here in Canada)

To go along with our fun book studies...anyone else's mind totally reeling with ideas? Mine is whirling and smoking all the time.

I don't keep my lesson plans in my organization binder but I know that a lot of people this one's for you.

Now everything can be stored in one place...PLUS, I am working on some super cute note sheets to go into this section so make sure you check back soon. 

Super necessary!

All of the clip art used is from Scrappin Doodles, and the frames are from From the Pond

Well, I hope you enjoyed your trip down the road for some freebies! I'm glad that you came by. Don't forget to leave me a message if you would like any additional cover pages created.  Once I have my teacher binder all up and running I'll be sure to post pictures for everyone to see.

Freebie Fridays

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Lisa R. said...

I'm in the process of putting my binder together & I love this!! Thanks so much for sharing! :)
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Chrissy said...

I love this binder idea. This year I want to create one.
First Grade Found Me

Mrs T said...

These are super cute and helpful! Thank you :)
Best wishes

Miss L
Miss L's Whole Brain Teaching

Teaching with TLC said...

Sorry you weren't feeling well. I read that magnesium really helps migraines. Hoping today is a MUCH better day.

Emily said...

Thank you so much for these. I'm switching to a binder this year and was trying to figure out how to make it cute. Best part is I have an apple theme going on, so these are perfect!!

I Love My Classroom

Emily said...

I thought of a few ideas that I would love. =)


*Grade Book

*Daily 5

Thanks so much for sharing.
I Love My Classroom

Unknown said...

What a great blog! i am your newest follower! I have awarded you a blog award! Stop by to get it!
Fun in 1st Grade

Unknown said...

Thanks these are great! Feel better!

Joan said...

I haven't done a teacher binder in the past, but I love this idea. Thanks so much. How about a cover page?

Beth said...

@Lisa, Chrissy, Miss L, Tamara, Emily, Diana, Ruth, Joan- Thanks so much! Today was a much better day.

@Emily and Joan- I will get to work on those suggestions ASAP!

Unknown said...

Super cute! thanks for making these.
First Class Teacher

Patti Wilson said...

I love organizing ideas and this is perfect! My new blog theme is music, to match school's theme. Could you do these pages with this theme?

Also, do you know of tutorials on creating printables (with clip art/borders/backgrounds) like yours? I would like to start learning, but don't know where to start.

One Class, One Sound

Pennie said...

Thanks so much. How about adding a parent contact page?

Pennie said...

Oh sorry I thought of one more section that I always have...anecdotal notes.

Anonymous said...

These are great. You might make one with Parent Conferences on it.

Beth said...

@ Pamela and Pennie- Thanks! I will get to work on those suggestions.

@Patti- I don't have any music clip art but I will put together a list of clip art sellers and some tutorials for you that I've seen.

Emily said...

Thanks! =)

Pam M. said...

Hi, these are really cute. However, when I tried to print them, letters or words were missing. They should up in the preview screen, and when I downloaded them, but not once I printed. Weird, huh?

Beth said...

@pamorgi44- There has been a problem for people with downloads, pdfs and Mac's. Are you using a Mac? You need to change your settings within Adobe so that everything is download correctly, not just previewed. I can't remember exactly how to change it but I will look in to it.

Beth said...

Here is a great post by Erica Bohrer that might help:

Anonymous said...

These are adorable! I am planning on making a Teacher Portfolio and this would make a great cover. Are any of them editable or can you add one for my use? Thanks so much for sharing!

Beth said...

@Anonymous- What would you like it to say?? Beth

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth, these are such cute covers! I love them :)
Could you make a few different covers for me? One that says Grade Book, one that says Standards, and one that says Year Plan? You can send them to me at

Thank you so so much!!!

Lisa said...

This is exactly what I'm working on this week! So far I've been focusing on my students' sections. I have special ed, so my kids come with a lot of info! Your post reminds me of all the teacher tabs I need to include in my new binder. Check out what I have so far!


Beth said...

I LOVE these! Is there any chance you can create these without a year, so I can use them for next year? Thanks for these!

Beth said...

Beth, (great name by the way!)
I will probably be making some in the summer again as I prepare for next year. Keep your eye out for those. In the meantime, the apple clip art is from Scrappin Doodles if you need to make your own before then.

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