Saturday, January 12, 2013

Yep, I'm still here!

Sorry for the long absence but I think I got into the groove of the winter break and couldn't seem to shake it off. My husband and I travelled to Mexico for the 2nd week of the holidays for a fellow teacher's wedding and had a great holiday. It was our first time away together since our honeymoon (5 years ago!) and it was the first time we have been away since our daughter was born. Greatly needed!

Speaking of my daughter it was also her 2nd birthday this week...such a big girl now so party plans and presents dominated the week. She is such a darling and we had a wonderful week of dinners with family members. Next week is my husband's birthday so the fun will just continue!

At school we have jumped full into the swing of things...busy, busy, busy. My sample report cards for Term 1 are due on Monday and then I will be writing the full class set of reports over the next few weeks. In order to be able to do all this I still need to finish teaching some things too. We have lots of stuff on the go and I am really hoping (fingers crossed) to be able to post about it soon. 

To give you a little preview, here's whats happening in Grade 3...

- We are full into our 40 Book Challenge with a lot of my students reading a tonne of books over the holidays. We are starting a media/drama project next week where my students will be creating "movie trailers" for various genres using iMovie on the iPad! They are over the moon with excitement.

- Our last Math strand for this term is patterning, just as soon as we finish up with Geometry. Cramming in all the math we can these days.

- In Science we will be starting to build marble mazes as the culminating task for our dual unit on forces and structures/stability.

There is so much on the go these days it's easy to get a little overwhelmed but I will try my best to be posting as often as possible.

I hope you all had a great holiday, a wonderful New Year and a fabulous start to 2013!

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