Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Two Truths and a Lie Linky

I'm joining in for Flying into First Grade's Let's Get Acquainted Linky Party.

How it Works:
Think of 3 things about yourself or your life.  

You should make 2 of them truths and 1 of them a lie.   

You can list them on your post in any order.  

Do NOT give the answer yet in your post.  People will try guess your lie in your in the comments of your post.  

So remember to be very creative so that it is hard for people to get it right. At the end of the week you can share the answer in your comments from the post or include it in a post you make at the end of the week. 

Okay, here we go...

1. I went to summer camp for 19 summers! I didn't go to the same camp the whole time and I was a camper, a staff member and a camp director during that time.

2. I have two tattoos. Actually, three because I had one redone so technically I have gotten three tattoos but only have two on me.

3. I love cats. I have a huge cat collection (mugs, shirts, books, pictures, etc) and 2 cats of my own.

And now it's your turn...!

10 Brilliant Teaching Thoughts:

Fourth Grade Flipper said...

This is tough! I think your lie is the tattoos. How fun is this linky?!?
Fourth Grade Flipper

Bethany Hunter said...

I'm going to guess that number 1 is your lie.
Hunter's Tales from Teaching

Kendra said...

Hi :) I think that #1 is the lie!

Kelly said...

You did a good job making them difficult to guess. I'm guessing number 1.

I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

Dr. Jill E. Steeley said...

My goodness,Beth. So hard to choose. Is it #2?


Unknown said...

Ok now. How about #3?

Samantha, your newest follower

Melissa said...

I think #3 is your lie. I've been to a lot of summer camps, so I think it's plausible.

Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late

Terri Paulson-Sasaki said...

I think #1 is the lie, that is a lot of camping.

The First Grade Princess

Rikki said...

I'm going to say #2
The Hive

Anonymous said...

I think #1 is a lie

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