Thursday, September 19, 2013

Classmate Interview- Writing FREEBIE

I started to embrace having to teach writing a lot more in the past few years. I've always loved teaching reading, sharing books with my students and discussing what we read...but writing was a different beast.

Every year I re-vamp my writing program and I still haven't found one that I love, but I figure as long as I keep working at it- I'll get there. Since I am going to be off work for the duration of this school year I have been using some of time to scour the blogs I love, Pinterest and over sites for ideas that I can take back with me next fall. 

Here are a few of my finds:

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This site has a ton of great writing notebook ideas and lesson plans. Set aside some time for this'll there for awhile.


This site has a great explanation of how writer's workshop is set up and a great selection of writing units! This one is a must see. 


Flying High in First Grade

Ashley from Flying High in First Grade has this great resource available in her TPT store. This resource includes 18 lesson ideas to get your writer's workshop up and running...and it has been added to my wish list for next fall!

If you are interested in checking out my Pinterest board of Writing Resources- click the image below.

Now time, for my freebie!

I created this freebie to use as a diagnostic tool with my students. It gives students an opportunity to learn a little more about their classmates, I can introduce the writing process and see what the students already know about this all important part of Writer's Workshop. 

Included in this freebie:
  1. Interview questionnaire (pre-writing)
  2. First draft paper
  3. Editing Checklist
  4. Good Copy paper
  5. Title page

Click on the image above to download this freebie. 

Click on the image above to download this freebie. 

I hope you find this useful and I would LOVE to hear about any posts you have, TPT/TN products...etc so I can continue my search and start next fall ready to hit the ground the running. 

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iamdiamondmom said...

This is a great way to get the kids writing. Thanks for sharing.

Enjoy your little ones while off on maternity leave.

Charlene/Diamond Mom
Diamond Mom's Treasury

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