Tuesday, October 29, 2013

One more freebie...

I know that the Halloween Blog Hop over at A Class*y Collaboration is still going on and I hope that you have been able to pick up a bunch of great freebies!

Even though it's not my day for a freebie on the blog hop, I still have something for you. It could be used for a Halloween activity or just a procedural writing lesson. It would go well with my first freebie for the blog hop- click here to see the post if you missed it. 

Your students will need to draw a simple monster and then write a procedure to explain how to draw their monster. Once this has been completed it's very fun to switch the procedures with a classmate and follow the steps to re-create the monster drawing!
Students love checking to see if their monsters match up and it makes for a very fun bulletin board as well. 

Included in this freebie is a graphic organizer and a success criteria check list. 


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