Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Meet the Co-Hosts- Croft's Classroom*

I'm very happy to introduce you all to Tina, from Croft's Classroom!

Beth: First and most important, coffee or tea?

Tina: I don't drink either coffee or tea! When I was in high school my basketball coach would bring his coffee to our 5:00am practices. We would run our guts out to the smell of his coffee. To this day I can't stand the smell of coffee. I am also a Mormon and we don't drink coffee or tea. I do love a good green smoothie in the morning though :)

Beth: Where is the world are you?

Tina: I live in the south east of Utah near the four corners area. Love it here! Small town, slow life. It is the best.

Beth: What grades and subjects do you teach?

Tina: I am currently teaching 4th grade and teach all subjects. I am in heaven in 4th grade! We have so, so, so much fun every day. I honestly love my job!

Beth: Tell us a bit about your blog.

Tina: Oh my little, wonderful blog. I like my blog so very much! I started it a few years ago just to have a place to collect and share ideas. Being part of the teacher blog community has made me a much better educator and hopefully sharing some of my ideas has helped other people.

Beth: Tell us three interesting things about yourself.

Tina: Three interesting things, huh?
1- I grew up on a farm and am a total country girl. When we visit the city I have to get my 'city-driving' pants on and can't wait to get back to following tractors on the back roads of my small town. No offense to those of you who live in the city. You are probably better equipped to live there than me.
2- I dislike shopping very much. Amazon Prime and I are the best of friends. So, I should probably restate that...I dislike all shopping except online shopping. I guess having the closest Walmart 90 miles away doesn't help either.
3- I have killed more than one mouse with a tennis racket. If the little varmints get into my house, I WILL chase them down any possible way.

Beth: This summer I really want to...

Tina: Relax! I spent last summer going to training after training and it was tiresome! I want to stay home this summer, take my kids to the park, enjoy the pool, and play as many board games as possible. I have a two and four year old and can't wait to spend as much time with them as I can. I won't mention everything I have planned to make for my classroom. The list is too extensive.

Beth: Why did you want to be a co-host for the 100 Minutes Book Study?

Tina: I totally stumbled across this book and was thrilled that Beth was going to do a book study! My literacy block is fantastic right now, but it needs a little tweek. I'm hoping this is what I am needing and can't wait to implement what I learn.

Check out Tina's TPT store here!

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