Thursday, August 14, 2014

Guided Math Posters and Planning (FREEBIES)

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One of my biggest goals for this coming school year is to have a solid Guided Math/ Math Workshop program in my class. Over the course of this year I have been doing a lot of reading, pinning and planning to get ready for this... and here we are, only three weeks away from the start of school!

I've posted a lot about my learning and my plans for my Math Workshop and you can find those posts starting here.

Below you can see the posters I have created for each of the 4 rotations/ centres/ stations (whatever you want to call them) that I will have in my class. I really liked the idea of using MATH as an acronym for my Math Workshop so I played around with it and this is what I came up with.

**On the Teacher Time page of the freebie it will say "Small group lessons that will be done with your teacher." instead of being customized like the one above for a teaching colleague of mine.**

Please click on any of the above images to be taken to my Teachers Pay Teachers store to grab this freebie for yourself. 

I am also in the process of planning out the first 20 days of my Math Workshop...and beyond. I have purchased Guided Math in Action by Dr. Nicki Newton as well as downloaded this AMAZING freebie from Mandy's Tips for Teachers
Another blog I recommend visiting is Tina's Teacher Treasures. Tina has some amazing products in her TPT store as well.   

I've also created a Workshop at a Glance template for both my Math and Literacy Workshops. I like to see where I'm going and where I've been as I plan my lessons and move forward through the year.

Click on the image below to grab your copy!

I hope you can make use of these freebies, either in your own classroom or in your planning. I am working on a weekly planning template for both my math and literacy workshop and plan to have those ready soon.

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Miss Stetson's Classroom said...

I have always used BUILD in the past and closed one center down. I believe I will use this instead for my math rotations. This seems to be the best set up by far that I have seen. I appreciate all the work you have done to create this. Thanks you.

Much appreciation,
Miss Stetson

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