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100 Minutes....How do you balance your literacy block? ~ Book Study and Giveaway

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For the past few summers I have been hosting and co-hosting a variety of book studies here at Thinking of Teaching and have found that it is a super rewarding experience. I love hearing the thoughts of other teacher bloggers about the reading and the response that come in about my own reflections.

For this summer I have picked 100 Minutes: Making Every Minute Count in the Literacy Block by Lisa Donohue

Here are some options to purchase the book:

Why did I pick this book?

Well, I've read The Daily 5, The Cafe, checked out the sister's website, heard them speak live and visited countless blogs and pins about The Daily 5...yet I just can't get it to work in my class. It doesn't seem to fit my teaching style.

That isn't to say that I'm throwing it all away! There is a lot of about The Daily 5 that I love...the mini-lessons, building stamina, the CAFE board, etc but...I want to mesh it with something else. 

In Part One of her book, Lisa Donahue talks about all the things she has tried and done in the past during her literacy block and I swear it's like reading my own teaching story. How do we fit everything? What do the other students do when it's guided reading time? Where does modelled reading fit? How often do they have to work through the entire writing process?

The introduction to Part One alone has gotten me hooked!

I can't wait to dive in, start reading and even better....start talking to you all about it. 

But first, who's in?

I'm looking for co-hosts for the duration of the book study. Being a co-host is sign up to host a chapter (or 2), post your thoughts, provide a linky so others can link up with their thoughts, and if you want to have a giveaway or a freebie that coincides with your chapter. 

(A freebie or a giveaway is not necessary!)

If you are interested in being a co-host 

for the 100 Minutes Book Study
 please click here to fill out the form. 

The co-host schedule is now full. 


But wait....maybe you aren't sure you want to co-host but you definitely want to read the book and join in on the discussion. Well, that's great too!

The book study will start on May you've got lots of time to grab a copy and get reading. We will discuss one chapter every 4-5 days. I will be posting on most of the chapters along with the co-hosts and we will provide a linky so that you can join in on the discussion as well. 

To help celebrate this great book study, the amazing people at Pembroke Publishers have provided me with a copy to giveaway! They also gave me a copy of Word Nerds by Brenda Overturf as a prize....whoooo hoo! 
(I missed out on the Word Nerds Book Study last summer
...but I hear there's another one in the works for this summer.) 
Finally, for fun I'm going to throw in your choice of any product from my TPT store as a prize as well. 

Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter to win a copy of 100 Minutes, Word Nerds, or a product from my store. 
The giveaway ends May 2nd. 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

20 Brilliant Teaching Thoughts:

Anonymous said...

This sounds like an interesting book. I don't have a blog, but I'll still follow along and participate through comments. :)

Suzy Q said...

I am interested in following along as well...we are implementing a new schedule from next year which is going to increase our ELA time substantially. So, while I have felt like a steamroller previously, I am hoping to get more ideas for slowing down and adding more to our block.

Mrs. Phillips said...

I agree with everything you said about the Daily 5 and the planning of the literacy block. I am very interested in reading your book selections !

JulieK said...

Can't wait to join in the book study! The topic is very relevant to me because we are moving to departmentalizations next year and trying to figure out how to fit everything into the literacy block.

Rachelle Moore said...

Excited to read this book, sounds like it will definitely talk about my trouble fitting it all in.

Ursula said...

I'd love to read the 100 Minutes book. I have read and enjoyed another Lisa Donohue book about independent reading - 8 boxes. Loved it. :)

Unknown said...

I moved from first to fourth grade this year after 13 years in fourth, so I am always looking to learn new techniques and strategies!

Unknown said...

Not sure where I will be next year, but after going from a campus of daily 5 to a mandatory reading and writing workshop model, I am anxious to learn other methods, so I can become more flexible in my teaching.

Anonymous said...

I'm studying to be a primary school teacher at university currently and this book sounds like it would be a huge help for me in terms of figuring out how to run a literacy block within a classroom. I will definitely be reading this with your blog.

Unknown said...

This sounds like a book I can put on my summer professional reading list. I always read one new book and re-read an old favorite.

Jody said...

Really need some direction in getting making my ELA block more efficient and productive...100 Minutes sounds like just what I have been searching for! Thanks for sponsoring this give-a-way and book study! :)

Literacy Teacher said...

This book looks great. I have also seen some great posts about word nerds. I would love some ideas on word building for the one kido I teach.

Unknown said...

I am a new teacher and struggle to get it all in. I would love this book to help me figure out a better way to get it done.

Lyndee @ A Recovering Craft Hoarder said...

I accidently put my comment about wanting to read this book under my son's name. Oops! I do now follow your blog by email, though I haven't blogged myself in a while.

Unknown said...

I am also looking for something for my class. The Daily 5 also doesn't quite work.... I don't have a blog, but will be following along .

Unknown said...

One Hundred Minutes sounds like a book I would love to read and study. As a third grade teacher, I have also struggled with the Daily Five in my classroom.

amanda27 said...

I agree about the Daily 5 and CAFE. I am very interested in both books, I have never heard of them :-)

Mrs. Beattie's Classroom said...

I still really want to do this with you! I'm hoping I can make it work, but can't commit just yet!! I'm entering anyway! :) As a new primary teacher this year I've loved the Daily 5/CAFE ideas, but I'm also having a hard time getting regular writing into the routine. That's my next focus... Reading feels great, let's get them writing!

Mrs. Beattie's Classroom

Lindsay said...

I am so glad I came across this post! I was just Googling this book, trying to decide if it would be a good one to purchase! I just ordered it and will be following along, although I'll be slightly behind. :-) Thanks!

Beth said...

So glad that you found us! The book is a quick read...because it's awesome. You'll catch up in no time.

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