Sunday, April 6, 2014

Growth and Changes in Plants- Learning Goal Cards and Assessment Strategies

I have a great new product for you all in my TPT store. It's the biggest product I've made yet and I'm pretty excited about it.

Here in Ontario we study Growth and Changes in Plants as part of the Grade 3 curriculum. I know a lot of my American teacher/blogger friends teach about plants as well because I've seen so many great posts, pinned wonderful ideas on Pinterest and purchased your products on TPT! 

So really this product is for everyone!

If you click on the image below you will see an outline of what this resource contains...and I've included a picture of each item in this post so keep reading!

First up, we have the Big Ideas about Growth and Changes in Plants. These can all be displayed at the beginning of a unit or as you move through the Big Ideas. 

I also think it would make a great review task at the end of your unit to have your students sort the Specific Expectation under the Big Idea headings where they fit the best. 

I designed this poster to go on the bulletin board where the learning goals will be displayed. 

There are many different ways to use the learning goal cards. They can be used to display the goal of the current lesson or as an accumulation of the goals you have covered already. 

Below is an example of the learning goal cards. Each one as been paraphrased from the Ontario Curriculum so it is more student-friendly. I have also included the number that correlates with the specific expectation as they are found in the Ontario curriculum.

**NON-ONTARIO TEACHERS:  If you are interested in these learning goal cards but do not want the number that correlates with the Ontario Curriculum, please contact me. I can make a set without the numbers if there is any interest in that!**

Also included in this pack are individual copies of each of the learning goals. These can glued into your student's notebooks to identify the learning goal of a note or activity. They can be used as prompts for a Science Journal or with the assessment tasks that are also in the pack! (Yes, there is more!!)

I have included three of my favourite self-assessment tasks in this pack. The best past is that they can be used with any Science you will get a tonne of use out of these, year after year.

Click on each of the images below to see the assessment task up close. 

Well, I hope you are as excited as I am about this Growth and Changes in Plants "I can..." Big Ideas and Learning Statements Pack. 

Please click on the image below to head over to my TPT store to buy your copy!

I am already working on a similar package for the other 3 Science Units in the Grade 3 curriculum as well as the other subject areas. If you like what you see and would like a specific curriculum set of learning goals to be created please contact me!

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