Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me! And a Freebie for You!!

Disclaimer- I live in Canada. I spell words with a "u" in them. Like colour, honour, behaviour, neighbourhood. Most likely anything I post will be spelled this way! I am happy to change things to an American spelling if asked...however, today is my birthday so it will NOT happen today.

In honour of my birthday..TODAY!...I am posting some materials I have made for my classroom.

First, this is the behaviour chart I made after seeing so many amazing ones on Pinterest. I am very excited to try this out with my students as i found last year I did not like the turn a card system at all. I think this will be much better because the "good" students have the opportunity to be recognized as well as the students who seem to know exactly how to grab your the wrong way!

Behaviour chart (The font used on this chart is A Red Bucket from

Secondly, here is the reflection form I plan to use for the students who move down to that level on the behaviour chart. It will give the student time to reflect on their choices, to cool down and I will have a record of the incident as well.

Reflection Sheet

Here is the Parent Contact sheet I will use for when my students reach the bottom level of the clip chart (hopefully this happens rarely.....!). I find it useful to have forms like this prepared and ready to go so you aren't spending valuable time writing out information that could already be done.

Parent Contact Sheet

Whew...well, I hope you all have a great day on my birthday!! I will. I plan to create some forms that go along with the upper levels of the clip chart as well and will post those when I get them done.

Have a great weekend.

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Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!
First Grade Blue SKies

Mrs. Lopac said...

Happy birthday and thank you! This will work well with my new clip chart this year!

Mrs. Lopac Teaches...

Brittany said...

You spelled behavior wrong. Could you upload it with the change?

Cindy said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a great day! Thanks for the freebies. ;)

Beth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Beth said...

@ Ghost- I live in Canada and spelled behaviour the way we spell it here! Same as we spell colour, honour, neighbourhood, etc!! If I get a moment I will post with the American spellings.

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