Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It is what it is....

Whew, three hard core days of working in my classroom and I am ready for the first day. Well that's as ready as it's gonna be! I am not going back in until the first day so nothing else is going to be done between now and then. I found it much more difficult this year to get into the mood to really stay in my room for full days knowing my baby was at home and that this was my last week with her. It was totally my idea to go back to work early from my mat leave, and I really want to be at work again...but I am going to miss my baby so much.

Here's what my classroom looked like before I got started.

Not too bad really.

Here is my room all done. It looks really blank and empty in the pictures but that's because I like to build the bulletin boards and decorations with my students so they have input in the room they will be in all year.

My CAFE Board

View from the rug towards the door


View from the door toward the carpet area

Daily schedule

Homework board

Hall walking strategy poster and behaviour clip chart

My desk and document camera area

Carpet and CAFE Board

Now to lesson plan!!!

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