Sunday, May 22, 2011

Math Monday Blog Hop- Rounding Numbers Lesson

This is my first time participating in love2learn2day's Math Monday Blog Hop. To be perfectly honest the thought of teaching Math keeps me up at nights. Wide awake. Staring. Cold sweats. Awake!

Now, it's not that I am bad at math because I'm really not, I just don't feel that it is my strength as a teacher. Luckily, I didn't have to teach math for many years when I first started my career and there was no worry for me! Then...I switched from being an intermediate rotary teacher to a homeroom Grade 4 teacher where I taught all the subjects...uh oh! I have a particularly vivid memory of a lesson on how to round numbers to the nearest ten, hundreds, etc going so poorly I was pretty sure that my students knew less about rounding after I taught my lesson than they did before I started. Not pretty.

So I headed to the Internet in search of a fellow teacher who was more knowledgeable and confident in this area and what did I find? This amazing lesson from Lesson Plans Page called "We've Got Power"!

The basic gist of the lesson involves teaching the students which numbers have the power to round up and which are too weak so they must go back to zero! It worked like a charm.

0,1,2,3,and 4 have no power, 

but 5,6,7,8,and 9 have power!

Head on over the see the entire lesson at the Lesson Plans sure saved me and my students. When you're done there you can also head over to  love2learn2day's Math Monday Blog Hop for even more great Math lessons and ideas.

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Cindy said...

If you put a link to this entry on the Math Monday Blog Hop, others will be able to find you. :) I know other people would love to see your idea!

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