Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Daily 5...fully loaded!!

It's been about 2 weeks now and my students and I have transitioned into full choice mode of the Daily 5...or as we call it the Daily 3. We have been working on Read to Self, Work on Writing and Convention Connection. I decided to change Word Work to Convention Connection because I wanted to integrate a lot more grammar and not just spelling and vocabulary. Things have been going so well and I have been super proud of my students. On the days when we just can't fit Daily 3 in due to other curriculum expectations from the administration they are asking for it and wishing we could do it!! I love it! Where has this been all my life?

To start off with we reviewed all the I charts we had made throughout the introduction of each part of the Daily 3.

Sorry, the green doesn't come out too well in a picture.

Then we created a Daily 3 Promise for how we would work when we have free choice during the Daily 3...and of course, everyone signed it!

I am hoping to get organized soon so that I can do a great big freebie of the Convention Connection (Word Work) stuff I have been developing for my class but until then...which most likely won't be until after the holidays...you know how it is!!... here are some pictures and descriptions of what we have been working on in class.

To start off with we have been working on nouns and verbs. The students have written stories attempting to use as many nouns and verbs as possible...so fun! Of course, they have done some work on using nouns, conjugating and verbs and identifying the nouns and verbs in sentences. So here came the hard stuff...I posted this list of vocabulary words and the students were required to sort them using a venn diagram into words that could be just nouns, just verbs or both. For some of my 4's this required some real thinking!

Of course, here is the Pinterest inspired Boggle board as bonus work.

This is where the students find all their Convention Connection handouts...and just like the rest of the Daily 5, there is lots of choice! (Please note my super fun Charlie Brown mug in the background!!!)

In other class news, our media-inferring unit is wrapping up and I wanted to share some of the anchor charts we have created and used throughout the unit. We have been learning about inferring in advertising and the features of advertising at the same time. It's been challenging to say the least but from the diagnostic task until now I can really see improvement in most of my Grade 4 friends.

Soon we will be starting Geometry and 2D figures...so as an introduction we reviewed these 4 quadrilaterals and then used them to create Kandinsky style abstract art! Pictures coming soon.

Whew...so much going on at school, at home and with the holidays....8 days to go until vacation. Happy Holidays everyone!

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Mrs. Shepherd said...

Your daily three looks great! Do you change it up any to fit the skills you are teaching in your classroom? For example when you teach theme, do you have the students listening to fables or fairytales, or write a fable or fairytale?

Anonymous said...

I like the way you do it and I think I'll shamelessly steal the Boggle idea from you! :-) Thanks a lot for this post.

Anonymous said...

Your Daily 3 looks great! About a month ago, I started our version of the Daily 5---The Daily 3 (how fun is it that we both have the same name!!) with both my 4th and 5th graders. Everything seems to be running smoothly with only a few bumps here and there. My only questions is monitoring every student (30 in each class) during Read to Self. For the most part, they are reading silently but there are a few who are not. Any suggestions. FYI...we spent a lot of time introducing and modeling. Thanks for your help!! Nicole

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