Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Little Help from the Experts...

All this reading about guided reading has got me thinking about some of the great posts I have seen from my fellow TBA authors. I thought I might put together a list of some of ideas that have piqued my interest and have stuck out for me.

Sarah's First Grade Snippets posted about Guided Reading "Snapshot" Assessments which is an interesting idea given that we are always trying to get enough assessment in the time we are given. 

Jen from Runde's Room has posted about creating guided reading groups in her upper elementary class and also included some great photos of her bulletin boards and materials tub. 

Leslie over at Kindergarten Works has an amazing post all about her guided reading binder, set-up and organization. There are a tonne of pictures and tips. It's a treasure trove for sure!

A Teacher's Treasure is Mor's blog and she has a great post about some guided reading ideas she discovered on Pinterest. This one's for the crafty teachers out there. 

I also thought you might be interested in some of my own pinterest and blog finds as well...

Lot's of Beth Newingham pins (Of course!)

More organization and management ideas from What the Teacher Wants.

This looks like a pretty good guided reading resource. 

This is a TPT product that looks intriguing. (I have not purchased it myself...I like the looks of it so far). It's called Guided Reading Binder Pack- Common Core Aligned. 

One of our book study co-hosts, Sabra from Teaching with a Touch of Twang, created her own version of Lori Jamison Rog's Readers Tookits and not only are they CUTE, but she has them posted as a freebie!!

Well, hopefully that's enough to get us all started. 

Our Chapter 3 co-host, Jenn, hit a small snag and will be posting very soon with her thoughts on the chapter. I have very little experience working with early readers and so I am hesitant to post about this chapter myself. I do love how Lori so clearly outlines the possible lessons that could be used during a guided reading session with emergent readers. As someone very new to everything guided reading that is what drew me the most to this book. It seemed like I could easily take what I learned and apply it right away in my classroom and begin helping students from the very start.

I plan to take some time and re-read through Chapter 3 and hopefully read through some posts from other bloggers in order to clarify my thinking on working with emergent readers. This is the one area that terrifies me. As a former Grade 7/8 teacher, I really have no idea how to teach a young child how to read. I always focused on how to learn from reading

By reading this book I am gaining a lot more confidence that I will be able to incorporate guided reading into my daily literacy block more effectively and be able to help all my students, of varying ability, to grow as readers. 

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Sarah Paul said...

Awesome! Thank you for putting this together!
Sarah's First Grade Snippets

Jennifer Gibson said...

I am so with you on your comment about teaching a child how to read. Before moving to 3rd grade, I always taught older students, too. It was one of my biggest concerns when I began teaching 3rd. I am still not as confident about it as I am strategy instruction and other reading instruction!

Lifelong Learning

Beth said...

@Sarah- no problem. It's also a little self serving as it meant I could hunt for great resources!

@Jennifer- At least we can admit our weaknesses! Now we can work together to get better...I am a little nervous for the fall and starting Grade 3 but reading through Guiding Readers is definitely helping.


Chrissy said...

Thanks for putting this list together. I'm looking forward to reading these posts.
First Grade Found Me

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