Friday, March 22, 2013

My Lie is Revealed...

Thanks to all those who commented and made a guess as to which of the three options below was my lie as part of this fun linky party.

Here again were my 2 truths and a lie.

1. I went to summer camp for 19 summers! I didn't go to the same camp the whole time and I was a camper, a staff member and a camp director during that time.

2. I have two tattoos. Actually, three because I had one redone so technically I have gotten three tattoos but only have two on me.

3. I love cats. I have a huge cat collection (mugs, shirts, books, pictures, etc) and 2 cats of my own.

The actual lie is......(drum roll) #3!!

I am a dog person for sure. I won't say I hate cats for fear of offending anyone but I had a run in with a family cat once when I was babysitting (it kept attacking me) and it put me off cats forever!

Thanks for playing along. Have a great weekend.

2 Brilliant Teaching Thoughts:

Dr. Jill E. Steeley said...

Oh my, Beth. You tricked me!

I'm glad you participated in this linky as it's how I ran across your blog!


Dr. Jill E. Steeley said...

Well, Beth, you definitely tricked me! I'm glad you participated in this linky. It's how I discovered your blog. Come by and visit mine.


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