Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Organizing Your Math Workshop Materials- Part 3 (plus a freebie)

If you are just joining me...

So, you've spent some time thinking about Math Workshop and how you want to run things in your class..but how are you going to organize all your materials?

Since I am currently on maternity leave I don't have any pictures or personal references to share with you but I do have some ideas as to how I'd like to organize my materials. I can also show you some of the blogs I've visited to help me cement the ideas I'd like to implement in my class next year. 

What I've learned:

1. Have your materials visible and easily accessible!

The more accessible your materials the more often your students  (and you!) will use them. The numeracy committee at my school created manipulatives carts last year for every class in my school as well as a central hub for each grade level. It was amazing because we each had access to the basic math manipulatives we used most frequently. The carts we used were simple plastic storage drawers for our manipulatives.

Photo via Walmart.com

I recently purchased two of these for my daughter's toys and I think they'd make great shelves for a classroom. The bins are so easy to grab and go...a few more might be in my future when I return to work!

Photo via Target.com

2. Commonly used materials

From all my blog reading, Pinterest pinning and freebie gathering in preparation for Math Workshop I've compiled a list of the most commonly used materials for math workshop games/activities/etc

  • dice
  • playing cards
  • dry erase markers
  • white boards
  • calculators
  • glue sticks (for Math Journals)
  • scissors
  • measuring tape/ rulers
  • manipulatives- base ten blocks, pattern blocks, snap cubes, clocks, 3D solids, calendars, counters, cuisinaire rods, fraction circles, fraction strips, money, grid paper, place value mats, etc
Examples of How Others Have Organized Their Materials

Here are some great blog posts that show how other teachers have organized their Math Workshop Materials.

1. Rockin' Teacher Materials has a fabulous post with lots of pictures. I especially love the tubs that she has created so that each group has their own set of the most commonly used materials. 

2. One of my favourite, favourite, favourite bloggers, Kristen (!) has an amazing post to show how she organizers all her math games over at Ladybug's Teacher Files.

3. A Differentiated Kindergarten has a very well organized post with pictures, descriptions and a linky party! 

If you want even more example, follow this link to my Math Workshop Pinterest board.

And now for a FREEBIE!

Everyday I find more and more and more great math games and activities on blogs, Pinterest, and TPT. I made this chart to start documenting the materials I've found and which month/focus I want to use them for. 

I am currently taking an Math (Part 1) Additional Qualifications course through York University and one of our assignments was to review a picture book that could be used to teach math. For a long time now I have been wanting to use more picture books in my math lessons. I created the above organizer to start keeping a list of all the books I find (and want to buy). You could also use it to inventory the books you already have in your library.

Next Up: 

Last but not least.... don't forget to head over to A Class*y Collaboration to link up with your February Freebies!

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layciegrace said...

These organizing ideas and tools are just what every classroom and house with children need. They are visually appealing and serve their purpose without complicating the process of teaching. Your ideas are indeed brilliant. Keep it up. - Layce of Mymathdone.com

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