Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Soils in the Environment Learning Goal Statements and Assessment Strategies (New Product! Plus the Boost Sale)

 My newest product is in my TPT store and just in time for the BOOST Back to School Sale!

Here in Ontario we study Soils in the Environment as part of the Grade 3 curriculum. I know a lot of my American teacher/blogger friends teach about soils as well because I've seen so many great posts, pinned wonderful ideas on Pinterest and purchased your products on TPT! 

This product  is a great companion to your soils unit.
It contains: 

- all of the Big Ideas related to Soils and the Environment from the Ontario Science Curriculum

- the specific expectations re-written in student-friendly language as "I can..." statements. These can be posted on a bulletin board or in your room as you teach through the unit. 

- Individual Student Learning Goal Statement Cards that can be glued into a science notebook or used with the Learning Goal Reflection sheets that are included in this pack

- three different Learning Goal Reflection pages (2 are pictured here)
- Written Learning Goal Reflection, Glow and Grow and Postcards for Learning- lots of different ways to differentiate and help your students self-assess in Science

If you haven't already checked out my Growth and Changes in Plants Learning Goals Pack click here to check it out!

Click on the image to head straight to my TPT store.

Right now this new product, as well as everything else is on sale in my store for the BOOST Back to School Sale.

Don't forget to use the promo code BOOST to get all the deals!

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Beth said...
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Mirtha Medina said...

Thanks for sharing an interesting post! With your learning strategy, you made science exciting especially for kids. Soil may not capture the attention of students right away but with your ideas, they'd definitely want to be hands on in this activity.

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