Thursday, July 19, 2012

Guided Reading Products and Freebies Blog Hop

In celebration of the end of our Guiding Readers: Making the Most of the 18-Minute Guided Reading Lesson by Lori Jamison Rog I thought it would be super fun to have a guided reading blog hop! I know that many of you have posted about freebies or products that you have created. This is the opportunity to share your great ideas and to gain some new ones from our amazing blogging community.

I am super excited to get started on my own guided reading program planning now that we are finished the book study. I want to send out a HUGE thank you to all the co-hosts and Lori Jamison Rog for their participation during the book study, and of course to all of you. I hope you learned something new, gained the skills and knowledge to be confident in your own guided reading program and are rejuvenated and ready to start back to school (whenever that might be for you!)

Before we get to the Blog Hop I wanted to share some of my idea on Chapter 9- Functional Reading. Although this was a short chapter I believe it is an important one. I am anticipating and planning all of the types of functional text I can bring into my classroom in order to help my students with this valuable reading skill. One area where I think this will be most valuable is in Math, Social Studies and Science. I can see my self integrating the ideas that Lori has shared in my new guided math program, perhaps as a Math Stretch at the beginning of each day. Functional reading would be a great add-on to when we are talking about the math students have used at home. Of course, it would well in Social Studies as we are often looking at maps, charts, signs etc. Perhaps this could be a whole new rotation within my Daily 5 program...Interacting with Everyday Reading? Ohhhh, I like it!

Once again I hope you learned something new and gained something from the book study. Any and all feedback comments are appreciated as this is the second book study I have hosted and I am always looking for ways to improve. Have a great summer break (what's left of yours....!) and happy back to school!

Guided Reading Blog Hop Guidelines
1. Feel free to post to any freebies or products you have created- past or present posts.
2. Link up as many times as you like- to different posts, of course!
3. Please make sure you post directly to your post, not just your blog. Any links that are not linked to a specific post will be deleted.
4. If you have adapted or modified an idea from any professional reading source, please make sure you give credit and cite your source.
5. HAVE FUN!! Visit as many of the other posts as possible and leave a comment.

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Teaching with TLC said...

Great idea Beth!

Sabra said...

Thanks so much for being a wonderful host! Great idea!

Teaching with a Touch of Twang

Leslie said...

Thanks for the opportunity to share Beth! What a great book study!
-Leslie @KindergartenWorks

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