Friday, February 15, 2013

Patterns Flipbook (foldable)

As we just finished our Patterning unit in Grade 3, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at the culminating task I did with my Grade 4's last year around this same time.  I wanted to comment on my student's progress on their reports so we created a flip book in class where the students could show what they know about patterns.

The first pictures show the example I made as a template for my class. They were asked to create geometric and number patterns that repeat, then growing patterns using both addition and multiplication. Finally, I asked then to make 2 different shrinking patterns. Once they had completed this part of the flip book we went back through the book and I asked them to extend and predict a term for each of their patterns. In some cases it was a term that was quite high..the 42nd term... sometimes it was much closer...the 10th term, but what I did ask is that they use at least three different methods in their flip book to extend their patterns. We had already discussed skip counting, T charts, multiplication, a hundreds chart and they were also free to use any other method they felt would work for them.

I am super proud about how they turned out!

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laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

I love flip books! Those are great!
First Grade Blue Skies

Runde's Room said...

FANTASTIC flip books! We have a whole PD day tomorrow to work on our reports ... YAY!!! Unfortunately, on Monday we have a slew of principals coming to do a walk-through at our school. I'm going to try to spend most of the day on reports, but I know I'll be cleaning, and posting more learning goals, and success criteria, and any other buzz word I can think of ... ;)

Runde's Room

Sam said...

This is a great idea! I am just starting patterns this week! I think that we just might do this ;)

Anonymous said...

Tag, you're it! Head over to my blog for details! :-)

~Stephanie said...

I LOVE this! Great idea and I can't wait to do something like it in my class. :)

Thanks for the tag.

Teaching in Room 6

james martin said...

thnks for sharing a wonderful and creative idea and i was thinking about it for long time.
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