Thursday, June 27, 2013

Making Mathematical Connections- Chapter 3

I'm a little late to the party this week but I promise you it's for all good reasons...

1. The heat! Oh my goodness, my portable was 89 degrees at 8 am one day.
2. I am still teaching. Yes, at the end of June. No, it's not fun.
3. We are moving to a new house tomorrow and I am packing as well.
4. I'm pregnant and just like to sit down and watch TV at the end of the day! LOL

But, this is more day and then- FREEDOM!!!

Chapter 3- Making Mathematical Connections

This was another HUGE chapter. So many great ideas and so much to think about.

Here are some things that really stood out for me:

- it's important to integrate the Math strands to help students see the connections between the Math concepts and their own lives
- I would like to create a checklist to help me track my student's connections during class discussions, perhaps with a space for anecdotals?
- students need to be guided towards "assuming the responsibility of constructing their own understanding of mathematics" (page 87)
- there are 3 types of prior knowledge- attitudes, experiences and knowledge (this was an interesting part of the chapter, I enjoyed it)
- I love the idea of using current events and taping into my students ability to make math-to-world connections, this is definitely going to be a focus for me in my future math program
- planning is key when modeling and doing a think-aloud for the class, I hope to create a script/template to help myself plan and get better at this
- I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the one-minute schema determiner (page 98), how powerful!
- I need to use How Did My Family Use Math Last Night? as a more regular stretch, I dropped the ball on that this year
- back to the current events math- this would be a great place to integrate media into my class and cover 2 curriculums at's all about integration!
- on page 104-105 Sammons talks about anchor charts and previewing a concept- I already do this!! Yeah!!
- I'm going to use the example from page 106-107 to help create my script/template
- I need more pictures books that relate to Math

Okay!! I did it. Loving this book.

What were your stand out moments?

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Martha and Wendie said...

I'm experiencing a hot day today too- 95 degrees and even hotter for the weekend. Love what you shared about the chapter. My stand out moment was the math stretchers. I love the idea of having my students share how they used math at home and have them make continuous connections. I created some simple Freebies for the math stretchers. Please check them out.

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