Friday, September 27, 2013

Five for Friday

This is my first time linking up with Five for Friday over at Doodle Bugs Teaching! I know, where have I been? But I thought this would be a good way to continue to share my teaching thoughts while I am on mat leave (6 weeks till my due date!) and don't really have a classroom. 

So here we go!

I love this idea for Science vocabulary words I found over at the Science Penguin. How cute would this be? And a great way to integrate literacy with your science program.

Photo via The Science Penguin

I LOVE this idea!! 100 bead strings..think of the possibilities. I also love DIY math manipulatives. I found this amazing idea over at The Elementary Math Maniac. The post explains how to make the bead strings and how they can be used in the class. Genius. 

Photo via The Elementary Math Maniac

This next find is from Pinterest and it links back to a twitpic not a blog. If you've seen it before and know where it came from, please let me know.

As I've posted before I started using The Power of Retelling to format by large group reading instruction. This retelling rope would be an excellent addition to small group activities based on our larger lessons. 

Photo via

I am excited to find a use for these in my math centres next year. They are from 3rd Grade Thoughts and are available in her TPT store.

Photo via 3rd Grade Thoughts

Lastly, is this great Writer's Workshop anchor chart...but the pin also doesn't lead to the actual site! 
Again, if you know who it belongs to please let me know.

Photo via Pinterest.

And that's it for my first Five for Friday! Have a great weekend. 

2 Brilliant Teaching Thoughts:

MsAPlusTeacher said...

Like the idea of the retell rope especially for those hands on learner a and thinkers! Thanks for sharing!

My Shoe String Life

Loralee Landers said...

Hi Beth!

Thank you for including my visual for the retell rope! I took this photo of the chart I made a couple years ago. The retell rope idea comes from the Daily 5 Sisters. I wanted a visual for my students and came up with this...

Your blog is wonderful. I don't have a blog where I share my teaching ideas...I only have the twitpic account

..and I pin them to Pinterest to share...

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