Thursday, March 6, 2014

Math Workshop Series....continues with a FREEBIE!

I don't know about you all but I am really enjoying this series on Math Workshop! 

I do hope you are enjoying it....not bored yet? 
I have started to look into my Reader's and Writer's Workshops and plan to do a series on each of those as well. So if math isn't your cup of tea, stay tuned!
Throughout this whole process I have been taking an online class through one of the Teacher's Colleges here in Ontario on Teaching Math to Primary and Junior students. As part of the course I have been conducting an independent research project on differentiated learning in math, open-ended questions and parallel task, writing in the math class and connecting math to real I still have so many ideas for posts in this series! 

I have also been putting together a series of lessons using the three-part lesson plan. I have used the three-part lesson quite often in my math class and thoroughly enjoy the process with my students.

I wanted to put together a simple template that can be adapted to any state or provincial curriculum so that all of you can try the three-part lesson in your own classes. There are many templates out there on the web but most are very cumbersome, cluttered and not what every day teachers with little time on their hands would use. 

At least, not me!

I hope that this template will inspire some of you to try the three-part lesson in your own class, or for those of you that are already using this teaching strategy the template will be a useful tool in your planning. 

Click on any of the images below to grab this freebie.

While you're over visiting my TPT shop (so fun to say!) I'd love for you to check out my Number Sense and Numeration Pack. This is a set of 24 cards that can be used as exit slips, task cards, math journal prompts or math stretches.

They are completely customizable to your students...meaning that the basic math question is there but I have left the numbers out so that you can decide which numbers will work best for your students. Differentiation made easy!

Thanks for visiting today! 

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layciegrace said...

" questions and parallel task, writing in the math class and connecting math to real life..." I like this teaching curriculum. It was a wonder when I was in school what was the role in of math in my life - and then when I got older, I realized, everything in life has something to do with it. Layce of

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts as well as the entire concept school in amritsar

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