Friday, August 26, 2011

First Time Clip Art Purchase!!

I have never purchased clip art for my school materials before because I was always so confused by the Terms of Use presented on the different sellers websites. So when Scrappin Doodles came out with a License for Teacher Freebies I was over the moon...this is exactly what I want. I have no interest in selling my stuff only in giving away freebies (lucky you all) so this license is perfect for me. If you look over to the right sidebar of my blog (maybe scroll down a little) you will see my pretty little license button AND if you click on it, it will take you straight to Scrappin Doodles!

To celebrate my first ever clip art purchase I have a freebie for you....double yeah! All I ask is that you leave me a COMMENT about how you use clip art in your classroom, your favourite clip art supplier, or any other nice tidbit you'd like to share on this lovely Friday. I am counting on you guys...honour system!

When I saw this classroom management sign on Pinterest from Ladybug's Teacher Files I knew it was a great idea and that I wanted to "borrow" it for the upcoming school year. My sign is essentially the same as Kristen's (because hers was pretty awesome to begin with!) but I wanted to make something using my new clipart!!

Highlighter Name Check- I have added a line to remind students to check off their name on the class list because I also LOVE this idea I saw on Pinterest...which is also from Ladybug's Teacher Files!! That Kristen is one smart cookie.

All clipart used in this freebie is from Scrappin' Doodles.

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Jennifer said...

I'm glad they have this license too! I also don't want to sell my stuff, but rather give it away! teachers don't make enough as it is, and if my little chart, flip chart, sheet of paper, or whatever, can make a teacher happy...I'm all over it!!!

Shannon said...

I've never thought about using clipart on my stuff because of all the potential legal jumbo mumbo, but I think Scrapping Doodles has one of the easiest to understand terms of use, too. (After reading one of the emails this week). I might just have to purchase their license as well. :)


Kristen said...

Thanks so much--it wasn't my original idea though, I learned about it a long time ago on Proteacher. I LOVE your sign, the graphics are adorable!

Cooperative Learning and Other Classroom Resources said...

I too have been hesitant about buying clip art. I recently purchased my first at Etsy after double checking terms with the store owner.

Beth said...

@ Jennifer- that's exactly how I feel too. I teach in Ontario and we actually make a very good salary here so I would feel bad trying to earn more off my colleagues. Plus, I am a big fan of the idea of paying it forward.

@Shannon- Do it!! I highly recommend. Any questions I have had have been answered within the hour...amazing!

@Kristen- Don't you wonder what teachers did (gasp!) BEFORE the internet...shudder!!

@Cooperative- what Etsy store did you buy from?

Melissa said...

I <3 DJ Inkers!

Hadar said...

Now I'm tempted to get the license! I love just so scrappy too {but I can only give away products that I made with clip art I purchased before August!} and I love Lettering Delights. Not sure what their giveaway terms are. It is so confusing! Thanks for the freebie! It turned out so cute!

Miss Kindergarten

Kitty W said...

Thanks for posting this, I have also been hesitant. Is the $15 just for "posting" and you still have to buy the clip art?

The Write Handed Teacher

Beth said...

@ Hadar- thanks!!

@ Kitty- the $15 is just for the license so you can use their clip art in the freebies you post and you do still need to buy the clipart but it is very reasonably priced. I bought 5 different packs and with the license still only spent $30!

Lori Faas said...

I have wanted to start creating my own stuff and feel the same as most of you about giving away vs selling. I love the Scrappin Doodles. I think that I will go for it!


Primary Teaching Resources said...

I use clip art from Pete's PowerPoint Station. It's free for non-profit use. It may not be as "pretty" as some of the clip art you can purchase, but it works for me!

LIZ said...

Love the freebies ANYTIME. I use clip art on notes and motivational posters!!

Pennie said...

I like clipart collections from mygraphico & creativemundi.

Gracehopper said...

@ Hadar~
Here is the email I received from the very nice people at Lettering Delights when I asked about their TOU for sharing items with teachers for free. "If you create items, using our products, for your classroom and share with a few teachers, that is just fine. However, once you start to sell those items you have created, then you would need to purchase the commercial version of our products. If there is a product you want to you that does not have a commercial version, please let us know and we will create it for you (there are a few restrictions like 3rd party artist products, etc - we will let you know if you request one of these). If you purchase a product with a regular license and then later want a commercial license, you will to repurchase the commercial version.
The cost of the commercial version is very reasonable at $12.95."
Hope this helps, ladies! :) Happy Clipping!

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