Friday, August 26, 2011

Integrating Daily 5 and CAFE

I have been sitting here on my couch going back and forth, back and forth, back and forth between the Daily 5 and the CAFE books trying to figure out how to launch the "programs" (I hesitate to use the word program but I can't think of anything else because it's almost 10 o'clock on a Friday night) at the same time.
Do people just switch back and forth between the 2 launch schedules provided? Try to do both Day 1's on the first day of school? Pick and choose here and there??


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Michelle said...

The sisters have a chart (I thought in the book) that specifies the first couple days using both D5 and CAFE. This website shares a "D5 for Dummies" and a D5 CAFE plan:
Hope this is helpful!

Tara said...

I was in the same boat a few weeks ago...I have launched Daily 5 and it is going great...I have had several words of wisdom to take it slow and possibly even wait on CAFE...I know from experience and from all the reading/research I have been doing, what ever you do you have to make it work for you:) I am still on the fence as to whether or not to go all out with CAFE this year...bringing in Daily 5 has been huge, I also have been doing all the Book Whisperer stuff so....that's alot of changes for me...I already teach and do most of the mini lessons for CAFE..I for sure will continue that, just not sure if I will do the conferences this year. Might need to get Daily 5 under my belt first:)

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Down Under Teacher said...

I would suggest starting with the D5 for at least the first few weeks before formally introducing CAFE. That's not to say that you wouldn't already be modelling the strategies and using the language informally. Once the kiddos have built up stamina and are comfortable with the D5 process, that's when I formally start conducting mini-lessons and writing up the cards to go on the CAFE board. After that, the language of the strategies is used all the time and just becomes a natural part of what we do and how we talk in our class. It's great!

Down Under Teacher

Mrs. Shepherd said...

I use Daily 5 three days a week during the time when I pull guided groups. Thursday and Fridays students spend a lot of time Reading to Self. I also give a short assessment on Thursday mornings one short story with 2 questions based on the skill taught during the week and then pulled groups to reteach based on their score. I have not officially started Cafe yet, but am hoping to soon. I have only conferenced with students so far and we have discussed their goals and posted them on the board.

abby said...

This will be my third year doing Daily 5 and CAFE so I am no expert, but I like how it runs in my class. I try to think about Daily 5 as a management tool for students to practice what I teach during the mini-lessons. I think of CAFE as my guided reading philosophy and also where I get a lot of my objectives for mini-lessons. The goal is to get our kids reading and comprehending at a high level independently, and in order to do that they need to be taught the strategies for comprehension, accuracy, fluency, and vocabulary. I have three rounds of Daily 5 each day because there just isn't time to do all 5 - and everyone must read to self once a day. In terms of launching - I would introduce each daily 5 station first (I always do one a day and have the whole class practice - then review for days to come). I always start with read to self to start building stamina (5 minutes at first and then take it up a minute or two each day). I try to pull someone to do assessments during this time too! During this time I usually use my mini-lesson time as time to teach routines of D5, talk about "good reading behaviors", and for fun read alouds. Once Daily 5 is up and running then you can start pulling small groups and introducing CAFE strategies during whole group mini-lessons! I hope this helps! (I'm also your newest follower :) )


IamNan said...

I too am wanting to start using the Daily 5 and CAFE in my classrom this year. I am planning on working on building stamina in the Daily 5 areas. Then I am going to introduce the CAFE in a few weeks. That is my plan anyway. I am in a new grade so I also have to learn how a third grader behaves and what they can do along with trying a completely new literacy program.

Good Luck!

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