Thursday, August 11, 2011

Teacher Appreciation? Don't mind if I do!

This Thursday, and all the coming Thursdays until September are Teacher Appreciation Days at Staples here in Ontario/Canada. I love school them! I planned on attempting to start this year without buying anything...(gasp! I know, crazy right?) but I ended up caving. I really wanted some folders to use to create Writer's Workshop folders like the ones I saw on Pinterest from Mrs. M's blog. I love this idea!

So while I was there, I got the folders and binding, some extra duotangs, a great planner, fantastic rock start name age and desk plates, post it note labels (all sticky) for my word wall. I would love to show you the pics but my sister borrowed my camera for her best friend's wedding this weekend. I will definitely show pics when I can finally get back into my room and using all the great stuff I got.

Staples also gave out a small reusable bag that I think might be just the right size as a lunch bag this year. It's not insulated but since I have moved into the school I can keep my lunch in the staff room fridge much more conveniently this year!

Don't you just love back to school sales?

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