Friday, November 18, 2011

Foldables Week: Friday Foldables

Thanks to everyone for a great week! I have found so many great foldable resources and will definitely be  incorporating foldables into my class as much as possible.

I would like to send a HUGE thank you to all the contributors during Foldables Week and an even BIGGER thank you to Leslie from Kindergarten Works who created all of the amazing Foldables Week graphics and buttons. She is amazing and so is her blog...check it out!

Here are some great all around foldable resources:

Get In the Fold

Foldable Wiki

How Make Minibooks from squid

Lapbooks combined with foldables from Sunny Days in Second Grade

Larry Ferlazzo's List of Best Teacher Resources for Foldables

The Foldables Week link party will be open for a full month so please, please, please link up as often as you like! Thanks again everyone!

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Ana said...

Visit my blog and grab your Sunshine award!
Have a great day!

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