Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Parent-Teacher Interviews

Calling all experts!! Yes, that means you!

I am leading a workshop next week for the new teachers in my school about parent-teacher interviews. I am the lead teacher for the mentoring program and I want to put together some tips for successful interviews.

What's your BEST advice for a teacher conducting their first parent-teacher interview?

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Mrs. S. said...

Sandwich comments... praise, constructive criticism, praise...

Call parents within first two weeks of school with a compliment for their child to put a "deposit" in the bank for later. :)

Jennifer said...

Give tips on EXACTLY how parents can help at home. Specific ways to study. I have some reading bookmarks that I pass out that have questions for parents to use while reading with their children.

I don't love having volunteers in class, but they are great for help in the computer lab, making copies, doing bulletin boards, or (my new fave) adding the latest words to the word wall.

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Deborah said...

I'm always posted my schedule of appointments out in the hallway by the chairs for the parents that were waiting to see me. That way the parents understand more why you need to keep your comments to the point and focused, as others are waiting to see you. It's important that you honor the time committments that you make to the parents to keep to the schedule. Outside near the chairs, I also placed our class photo album that I kept each year about activities that we have been doing.

Liam said...

Something I learned the hard way is this: spread out your appointments as much as you can. It is tempting to try to get them all done quickly but it is worth taking your time through them if it means you won't feel rushed.

I agree with Deborah above that the parents need to understand your time constraints but as a teacher, we need to understand the emotional investment parents have as they come to meet with you. Be compassionate and make it clear that you both want the same thing for the child.
✪ Liam ✪
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