Monday, January 2, 2012

Year in Pictures Linky Party

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Wow!! Considering that I only returned from my maternity leave in September, that's a lot of pictures!!!

Jen, over at Runde's Room is having a Year in Pictures Linky Party and I am joining in the fun. I started this blog last year while I was off on maternity leave with my first baby, a daughter, and I needed something to keep me sane all those months in the house. I admire women (and men) who can do it but I am not cut out to stay home for long periods of time. I even went back to work after 8 months (instead of the usual 12 months of maternity here in Canada) because I wanted to start in September with my class.

So many things have changed for me in the past 1-2 years both personally and professionally. Obviosuly I had my first child but while I was pregnant I transitioned from being a Grade 7-8 teacher of 7 years to a Grade 4 teacher! Talk about adjusting! Starting this blog, being a TBA author and all of your amazing blogs out there kept me sane and helped me to make the transition. Thank you!!

I am proud of the progress I have made as a teacher is the past year has I have moved from Grade 7-8 to Grade 4 but I must admit I am scared! Why? While at this time last year I was only days away from giving birth to my daughter which means that we have reached the end of what I have previously taught in Grade 4. Everything from here on out is brand new...I'll be making it up as I go. Oh dear.

So here's to a new year...I hope 2012 and can live up to the fabulousness of 2011!

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Runde's Room said...

After having my third child, I went back after 8 months for the same reasons as you ... the sanity (hard to believe we can find sanity in a room full of 10 and 11 year-olds) and to start off in Sept. ;)

Thanks so much for linking up - LOVE the photos!!! Cheers to a FANTASTIC new year!

Runde's Room

laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

Love seeing these! It puts everything into perspective!
First Grade Blue SKies

Runde's Room said...

Beth, I was just reading an article online about the best pins for teachers, and your blog is mentioned. How cool is that!!! Check it out:

Runde's Room

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