Monday, May 27, 2013

Next Year I'm Definitely Going To.... (and a FREEBIE)

I am a huge planner for next year. I start taking notes as early as February each year when I start to think about how I want to "fix" things in my classroom. That's why I was so excited to see this great linky party from Finding Joy In 6th Grade!

On a separate note, we started our province wide testing for Grade 3 today. The students were pretty pumped about it, I think. Not too nervous and they did well (from what I could see!). Most took their time, checked their work and filled out every question. One section down, six more to go.

I created a spin-off of the "Recipe for Success" that I've seen al over the place for the start of school and made one for the test- "Recipe for Test Success"! I put together some small goodie bags for the kids and surprised them with it when they came in this morning. 

If you'd like a copy for yourself, click on the image above to grab one.

Don't forget about our upcoming book study! 
Get your copy soon.

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AMC Looking From Third to Fourth said...

I like your goal about planning out your writing program by month. Some of our units dragged on too! Especially non-fiction report writing, somehow I always schedule this during the time we get snow days and it goes on forever. I also like your plan to focus on all the reading strategies rather than one at a time. We start our Grade 3 provincial testing on Thursday!

Looking From Third to Fourth

Anonymous said...

I like your idea about planning out your writing program month by month. I agree that if you don't, it can feel like it goes on forever! I'm going to be playing around with some ideas next year too, so I'll be looking to see what you, and other teachers, are doing!

Mrs. Silva said...

I need to step it up with guided reading, book of the week, and writing as well!

Becca Morris said...

You are setting the bar high for next year. We all have so many things to work on, thanks for sharing yours!

Simply 2nd Resources

Tamera Wilson said...

I have not felt comfortable with my math workshop for a few years!
Just ordered my copy of Building Mathematical Comprehension. Where do I sign up for the book study?

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