Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The End is Near....

But not near enough!

I know for some of you the end is now, or at least imminent. However, here in Ontario we go until June 28th. Yes, you read that correctly...JUNE. 28. th. 


(Which also happens to be the day my old house and new house are closing AND we are moving....le sigh)

Between now and then I have a tonne to do, both at home and at work, but I find that my thoughts have already turned to next year. This happens every year about this time. The problem this year is that I will only be working for 2 months, at the most, by the time the baby comes....

I'm a little sad because I feel like I have learned so much this year and really want to implement and change all sorts of stuff for next year...but of course, I'm also super excited about having a baby!

I have started recording everything I want to change, modify, adapt, overhaul about my classroom for next year/the year after that. I have all these great ideas that I won't even be able to implement for at least 2 years...grrr. But I have them, and that must mean I am reflecting right? Plus, I'll have a cute little cuddly baby at home to keep me occupied.

How do you keep track of your ideas? Do you have a summer to-do list? What's your must do for this summer??

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