Sunday, August 18, 2013

Back to School Sale! And a FREEBIE!!

Unless you've been hiding under a rock you must have heard about the Teachers Pay Teacher Back to School sale today and tomorrow... who doesn't love a sale??

Now, I don't have a TPT store to direct you to for great savings...all my stuff is always a freebie here at my blog.

But I did buy some great items!

Since I am only going back to school for 9 short days before my mat leave starts I have been racking my brain about how to go about planning and teaching for those 9 days. I don't want to set up too many routines in case they're aren't what the teacher coming in will want for the class, but I also don't think I should teach any routines at all. Such a dilemma.

Then I start to think about school board has a process every September/October called re-organization. This is where schools and classes that have either too many students or not enough students get re-organized into proper class sizes. I understand the need for it but it's a lot of disruption for staff and students as classes can end up collapsed and teachers moved from one school to other overnight. Horrible, right?

Well, the chances are high of my school getting re-organized because our numbers are so high. This has happened to us every year for the last three...this year isn't looking any different. I want to spend my short time in the classroom creating small portfolios that my students can take with them in case they are moved to a new class and the teacher will have a glimpse into what they can do and have been doing without feeling like he/she needs to play catch up.

So when choosing my products for the sale I looked for items that covered a lot of general expectations and would allow the students to have fun while showcasing their abilities.

So what did I get?

Click on any of the images to be taken directly to the sellers TPT store and the product.

I love the idea of Math About Me...students start to think about numbers and math in a whole new way. I think this will be a great starting activity for my grade 3's and to pass along to their new teacher. 

After a whole summer off it can be difficult to get students to start writing again. I am hoping this will jump start their writing muscles and provide some diagnostic information for their new teacher. 

Gotta see how well they can make connections. I am hoping to do a 9-day (LOL) intensive connections unit while I am school to gain some insight into my student's reading ability that I can then pass on.

This product has some great get-to-know you activities and many of them could be used to create some cute class books. I think I will use a lot of them as time-fillers and seat work as I try to complete as many reading assessments in 9-days as possible.

Math diagnostic!! Grade 3 is a testing year in my province so I want to get my students started on the right foot (even if I won't be there at testing time) so they can be prepared. 

Lastly, I got some more of the ADORABLE Pink Cat Studio clip art that I have been using for my Back to School Teacher Binder Series. I am in love with it. 

If you've missed on on the freebies so far make sure you check out

And now for Part 4...more freebies for you!

Here is a little form to help you keep track of all your student's birthdays!

This a is cute package of forms I put together to help you prepare for a substitute. This freebie includes a spot to leave information about your class/students, classroom rules, procedures, behaviour management, recess routines, lunch information, dismiss routines, morning routines, and a feedback form.

Finally, I'd love for you check out the TPT stores for my fellow contributors over at A Class*y Collaboration.
Click on the buttons below to head to their  TPT stores.

Kathy is participating too! She has a tonne of math games that would be great for math centres.

Brenda has some amazing Beanie Bag Decoding Strategy Posters...just added to my cart!

Everything in Ciera's store is sooo cute! I love the Author's Purpose Powerpoint and colouring set.

Jacque has some super cute alphabet posters.

Rachel is in on the sale too!! She has a wide variety of sub plans available.

Sabra has two cute fraction sets- Fraction War! The kids would love it. 

Hope your shopping is going as well as mine!

2 Brilliant Teaching Thoughts:

Heather Mathews said...

I can't even imagine reshuffling classes after starting school. That must be pretty hard on you and the kiddos. Does it take long to reestablish a classroom family?

Peacocks and Penguins

Beth said...

It's only happened to me once and that was almost 10 years ago (wow) so I don't remember too much, but basically people get shuffled into whatever job is open. Last year a Grade 7 teacher at my school became a morning kindergarten teacher at our school, but then had to drive to another school to teach Grade 5 in the afternoon. There must be a better way to plan ahead....

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