Friday, January 17, 2014

Five for Friday

Happy Friday!! Congrats to all you working teachers that have successfully made it another Friday.
 Relax and enjoy, you earned it.

My five for Friday will be very child/baby oriented as I am on mat leave...sorry if it's not too exciting. 

My daycare provider fell and broke a few ribs on Wednesday so she asked that I keep my oldest daughter home with the baby and I the last 2 days. Even though it's been exhausting, I have learned that I can survive the day taking care of a newborn and a pre-schooler all by myself!

The trick has been an outing every day! We are going to try a new pre-school class at the library on Monday...maybe it'll become a weekly thing.

 I love my ring sling. It has saved the day many a time in the past 2 months. Like right now as I type on the island in my kitchen while my baby sleeps...finally. 

Bouncing a baby for hours on end is like an extreme exercise class. My calves and thighs are killing me.

No matter how tired or stressed I get, when my baby smiles or my daughter hugs me everything is right with the world again.

It's 8:04 and I plan to be in bed in the next 30 minutes or less!

3 Brilliant Teaching Thoughts:

Mrs. W said...

Look at you Mama! Gettin it done! Have you thought about doing a post on how you prepared for maternity leave? We're going to start trying next year and that's one of my biggest fears!

Beth said...

Mrs. W- I live in Canada and our mat leave is quite different than yours. We get a full 12 months off that is partly subsidized by the government and the school board. I only had to leave a week's worth of plans for the teacher covering me and then they are responsible for the rest of the year!

Mrs. W said...

Oh my! Yes that is very different! Enjoy every moment! :)

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