Monday, January 27, 2014

Movies That Get Brains Moving!

Brenda from Primary Inspired is hosting a super fun linky...all about movies!!

I just learned about from one of the teachers in my online Math Additional Qualifications course. I haven't used it in my classroom but I spent sometime looking around and there are some great resources, including MUSIC VIDEOS, that you'll want to use in your class. What a great way to hook students into a lesson. 

My favourite movies for Science are The Magic School Bus videos!

My school board has all the videos on a database for us to access easily, but you can also find most of them on Youtube. I love how the visually present complex science topics to the students and help them to understand the ideas we are studying. 

What are your favourite movies? Link up with Brenda!!

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Denise said...

Haha! Loved your shout out to the Magic School Bus. My passion for sewing aprons was inspired by the teacher - she's always dressed head to toe in something related to what they're learning about in that episode. I decided it would be hilarious to have an apron for every cooking lab we do in class, and discovered how much I love aprons!

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