Wednesday, June 4, 2014

100 Minutes- Chapter 4- Reading Response

Chapter 4 is called Reading Response and I, for one, am super excited to check it out.

I love having my student's write reading responses and reading their thoughts about the books they are reading. Plus, I'm always looking for new ways to engage them and get them excited about responding to their reading.

This chapter's host is Jen from Teaching, Life and Everything In Between.

teaching, life, and everything in between

Don't forget that I'll be posting my thoughts tomorrow and hope to see you all back here!

NOTE:Written on May 30th- Both of my girls have come down with hand, foot and mouth disease and life around our house has been pretty stressful and tiring. I'm leaving this note here just in case I don't get to complete my post on Chapter 4 on time.
I promise I will get it done...
it just might not as soon as I would like!
So sorry.

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