Monday, July 15, 2013

Must Have Monday- 3M Command Hooks

I'm linking up again with Sabra's great linky party...

This week's must have is 3M Command Hooks! I use these babies for EVERYTHING!! At home and school. 

Photo via Amazon.

I use this size hook for chart paper. I don't like writing on chart paper on the easel, too low and writing while sitting sideways in a chair is just awkward. I hang the hooks on a wall the borders my carpet area and stand to write whenever we are creating anchor charts. This way my students have some variety in how we sit on the carpet too.  We can face the easel, the board or the chart paper!
Here's a post with some pictures to show you what I mean. 

I also use the small hooks to hang anchor charts to cover my book shelves and to gain more wall space in my small classroom!

Photo via Amazon.

Here's a link to a post that shows the anchor charts in action! (It also has some math- data management and a freebie!)

Other classroom uses:
- hall passes
- student work
- classroom job rotations

Here's a great post on Scholastic about using Command Hooks. One of my favourite organizing blogs, Org Junkie has a great post too. 

At home I use the hooks for my daughter's coats near the door- so she can reach it and we can easily change it as she grows. I hang our lunch bags and reusable grocery bags on 3M Command hooks. In the past I have hung plastic file folders to collect papers and mail, pot holders, the dog leash...basically, I believe there isn't anything these hooks can't do!

7 Brilliant Teaching Thoughts:

Sara Soucy said...

I use command hooks for everything too. Thanks for the great new ideas!

Sara :)
Smiling In Second Grade

AMC Looking From Third to Fourth said...

Thanks for all the links to past posts and other sites - I was heading out today to get some hooks for a writing chart - now I think I need to get a lot more!!

Sabra said...

Oh I adore 3M Command hooks!!! What a great idea for the anchor charts and easel, I'm totally doing that this year! Thanks for linking up!

Teaching with a Touch of Twang

MsAPlusTeacher said...

Those hooks fantastic! I use them for everything as well! I hang up all my writing charts, ringed-workshop stuff, I even laminated some editing wheels and hung them on hooks so students could get them down during workshop and I wouldn't need a "bin" to keep them.

They are great for using vertical space!

Thanks for sharing your ideas :)
- Amanda
My Shoe String Life

M said...

I thought I was the only 3M Command product junkie!! I love the hooks and I also use the frame hanging/ chart hanging/ poster velcro strips. They are great for hanging fabric on walls to create bulletin boards where there are none. 3M Command really do have a product for almost anything you could possibly want to 'hang'. Thanks for sharing your "must have" It is nice to know I'm not the only Command Hook Crazy. lol :)

Mrs. Landry said...

I can't live without 3M Command products! Home or school. Love them!!
Mrs. Landry's Land of Learning

Kris Poole said...

I'm going to be hanging my chart paper on those hooks...yesterday I was creating an anchor chart with my 'reading camp' students and was thinking how awkward it was to sit and write on an easel. Thanks for the brilliant idea!!!

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