Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Must Have Monday (ahem...Tuesday)- Coloured Pens!

So many possibilities to blog about....must haves, wow this is a great idea for a linky Sabra!

My must have is coloured pens! I love writing in colour and it keeps me happy and interested in whatever I am doing. I am also very picky about the size of my pen tip and the thickness of the pen (OCD? yes, I know). Here are some of my faves...

Papermate Flair (Papermate is my go-to pen brand!)

Photo via Aamazon.com

These are my marking pens, my day book pens (yes, I write in ink! gasp), my note to self pens, everything I write is usually done with these pens! They are all over my classroom and my house.

Photo via Ilovepens.wordpress

Staedtler is also a good option although I find they don't stand up to the amount of writing I need to do during a day and dry out quickly. Still fun colours though.

Lastly, if I am going to write in blue then it better be these pens...

Photo vis Amazon.com

They are getting harder and harder to find in stores here in Canada so it looks like online shopping for me!

And that's that! Head over to Sabra's blog to read about other teacher's must haves and to link up with your own.

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