Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Math Workshop Set-Up....I had a brain surge!!

I woke up this morning with a huge brain surge about how I would like to organize and run my Math Workshop... you, know next year when I go back to work after my mat leave. Is it a bad/good sign that my brain is still working on school stuff even though I haven't taught in almost 5 weeks?

Anyway, last year I started Math Workshop in my class after reading Guided Reading by Laney Sammons and loved it. However, I was in a new grade and found the preparation difficult to keep up with. I have been  re-reading through all sorts of blog posts and pinning ideas all over Pinterest and finally this morning it just came to me!

Here is "The Idea"...

Now, obviously none of this has been put into practice but I think it's a pretty good idea! Do any of you organize your Math Workshop in a similar way? I'd love to hear about it or leave me a link to your post in a comment. 

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4321Teach said...

I have a more Guided Math set up than a math workshop. I have set rotations. Each day the students have time with me, independent work, and tech time. If I didn't have technology I would consider a menu of options.


Unknown said...

I like this idea! We have so much in common- I, too am on maternity leave (and also can't stop thinking about school). I also just started math workshop last year and it was my first year in a new grade level. How neat!!

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Beth said...

We are obviously kindred spirits!! I'm heading to your blog right now.

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