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Meet the Co-Hosts- Appleslices: A Teaching Blog*

I'm so excited for the upcoming 100 Minutes Book Study and all the great bloggers that have volunteered to host a chapter. 
I'm also excited for all the amazing bloggers and readers that will be following seems like this book has struck a chord with educators and people are looking forward to reading it. 

As a lead up to the book study I am going to be highlighting each of the co-hosts so we can all get to know them a little better. I sent them a questionnaire and got some amazing responses back.
You are going to want to follow all of these blogs ASAP.

First up... Appleslices: A Teaching Blog.


It's time to meet Kelly Anne!

Beth: First and most important, coffee or tea?

Kelly Anne: Oh such a tough questions, I think I have to say- BOTH! I have to have a cup of coffee to start my day {and my husband spoils me by making amazing french press coffee every morning} and then tea in the afternoon. I love them both too much to choose just one :) I respect those who don't rely on caffeine, but I am just not that type of gal.

Beth: Where is the world are you?

Kelly Anne: I am currently living in Spain on the island of Mallorca and working as an ESL teacher. But I grew up in Ohio, went to school at the University of South Carolina {go Cocks!} and then taught in Colorado before moving here.

Beth: What grades and subjects do you teach?

Kelly Anne: Right now I teach K-High School {absolute craziness!!} but in the past I've taught 4th and 5th grade. I definitely have a sweet spot for 5th grade!

Beth: Tell us a bit about your blog.

Kelly Anne: When I was little I always wanted to be a businesswomen. My Dad started his own company, and being a daddy's girl, I always wanted to do the same. I started going to school for business but after two years {yes, it took that long!} I realized I was 100% meant to be a teacher. When I started teaching I began finding great ideas on blogs and wanted to connect with these awesome bloggers, so I started my own- Appleslices. As I stumbled across the possibilities that blogging and TpT created, I realized I could still be an entrepreneur, and I have run with it ever since. Now my blog has a little bit of everything because, well, I do a little bit of everything, but it centers around my life as a teacher and all that entails.

Beth: Tell us three interesting things about yourself.

Kelly Anne: 
1) I love college football!! I was born and raised an Ohio State fan and then went to the University of South Carolina. So I am all about them Gamecocks!

2) I love to travel. I've been many places with my family, on my own, and with my husband. We have traveled so much this year and it has been amazing. I am an adventurer at heart and love learning about new places, or getting away. My family and my husband's family go to the beach every year. I love the salt water and the sand between my toes. And an ice cold Corona as the sun sets.

3) I have a thing for all cardigans. Like, I buy them all.the.time. They're perfect for every type of weather. Even Summer! And are absolutely necessary to have in every color. Have you ever been freezing in a restaurant?? Yea, cardi's are perfect.

Beth: This summer I really want to...

Kelly Anne: Find a "forever" town. After hopping around from Ohio to South Carolina, to Colorado, to Spain, it's been over nine years since I've had a place to really settle down and call "home". I'm looking forward to finding somewhere I can stick around for more than four years. Maybe buy a home, eventually, and get settled in. It's a silly wish but one I am definitely ready for!

Beth: Why did you want to be a co-host for the 100 Minutes Book Study?

Kelly Anne: I love learning! I really believe that if we expect our students to be learners, that we must be learners ourselves, always changing, growing, adapting, and wanting to know more. Reading something new is a great way to do this- especially when sharing it with others. I've done book clubs at my own schools but am thrilled to do a book club with bloggers from all over. This will give us the chance to really have amazing conversations, thoughts, and new possibilities for the classroom.

Kelly Anne has a Teachers Pay Teachers store as well...and I'd love for you to visit her over there and at her blog. 

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