Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Meet the Co-Hosts- Teaching, Life and Everything in Between*

Get ready to meet Jen from Teaching, Life and Everything in Between!

By the way, I think she has the BEST blog name I've ever come totally sums up what it's like to be a teacher, a blogger, a TPT/TN store owner, and everything else. 

teaching, life, and everything in between

Beth: First and most important, coffee or tea?

Jen: BOTH! In the morning, coffee is a definite must to wake me up! At night, I like to wind down with a cup of tea. It's the best of both worlds :)

Beth: Where is the world are you?

Jen: Although I currently live in New Jersey--I'm a native New Yorker! I grew up in upstate New York near Albany and I attended SUNY Oneonta (which is where I earned my teaching degree). I ended up student teaching in New York City and attended Bank Street College of Education (where I earned my Literacy Specialist degree).

Beth: What grades and subjects do you teach?

Jen: I'm currently teaching 4th grade in NYC teaching reading, writing, math, and social studies.

Beth: Tell us a bit about your blog.

Jen: My blog, Teaching, Life, and Everything in Between, is one of my favorite places--it has my favorite colors (yellow and gray) and my theme is owls (love them!!) Although I don't blog on it as often as I'd like, my vision for it is to capture the balance between home and school. Sometimes I share funny stories about my kids and recipes, but most of all, I share my love of teaching.

Beth: Tell us three interesting things about yourself.

Jen: 1. I am a mama to twins (a boy and a girl) and a 2 month old boy :) Life is a lil crazy at our house!

2. I'm obsessed with pens and journal books--to the point where I buy journal books and not write in them because they are too pretty!

3. It took me 45 minutes to come up the first two interesting things LOL

Beth: This summer I really want to...

Jen: have a successful garden! Last summer we were successful with only a few crops--pumpkins, basil, and cucumbers. Hopefully this year will be better :)

Beth: Why did you want to be a co-host for the 100 Minutes Book Study?

Jen: With all the changes that are occurring due to Common Core, I feel stagnant in my teaching. I have to teach using scripted programs and I don't feel like I'm sparking a love of learning in my students. It saddens me to think that teaching has become standardized where everything depends on the results of a test. I'm looking for ways to bring life back into my reading block and I'm hoping to find some ideas in the book 100 Minutes.

Please take some time to visit Jen at her TPT store and TN store!

teaching, life, and everything in between

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