Friday, May 16, 2014

Meet the Co-Hosts- A Piece of the Apple*

Today's co-host interview is with Erin from A Piece of the Apple. She is a fairly new blogger, just launched on Spring Break (!) but is ready to hit the ground running. I love how cute her blog template is (you have to check it out!).

Beth: First and most important, coffee or tea?

Erin: I am a one venti coffee with two inches of cream and one Splenda kinda girl. When it's summer, I go for a Venti iced green tea, again with one Splenda.

Beth: Where is the world are you?

Erin: I am in Carlsbad, California. Carlsbad is in the North County part of San Diego County. Lego Land is a mile away from my house.

Beth: What grades and subjects do you teach?

Erin: I teach first grade. I have 30 students, all day, with no assistant. I teach all subjects, but we are so fortunate that we have daily specials that include PE, library, computer, science lab, and music. This is my first year in first grade. I taught fourth grade for 13 years. I dearly loved fourth grade, but I needed a change. We had two first grade teachers retire last year, so I asked to move, and my wish was granted!

Beth: Tell us a bit about your blog.

Erin: I just launched my blog over Spring Break. I never followed any teaching blogs when I taught fourth grade because I was on auto-pilot. I wasn't really looking for new ideas and my team and I were such a cohesive unit, I felt like all my needs were being met. When I knew I was moving to first grade, I went into major research mode, and started following every first grade blog and Pinterest board I could find! Little did I know, I would fall in love with all the outpouring of ideas and support I saw from the blogging community. I knew I wanted in! My vision for my blog is to share the goings-on of my classroom, and also connect with other educators to further my own professional development and growth and hopefully inspire some people along the way!

Beth: Tell us three interesting things about yourself.

Erin: When I was in second grade, I wanted to be a part time hair dresser and part time psychologist. I majored in Political Science, and here I am..a teacher!

I am an avid quilter. I started making quilts in 2000, my first year of teaching. I am still BFFs with the gal I started teaching with and quilting with that year.

I have never been off the continent and I really, really want to!!

Beth: This summer I really want to...

Erin: -enjoy my annual trip with my mom and teenage son. This year, we are island hopping in Hawaii.

-create TPT products and work on the blog.

-enroll my dog in agility classes.

-continue losing weight for the LAST TIME!!!

Beth: Why did you want to be a co-host for the 100 Minutes Book Study?

Erin: When you wrote about trying the Daily 5 and not quite being able to wrap your head around it, I almost spit out my drink! I thought I was a lone outlier who hadn't/couldn't jump on the bandwagon. I thought maybe it was because it was my first year teaching first grade that I didn't get it. I am excited to explore another avenue. I am an avid reader and currently a Book Club orphan. I miss the camaraderie and connectedness one feels when participating in a shared read. I also want to make new bloggy friends!

Beth: Do you have a TPT store?

Erin: Yes, but it is currently empty because I just started... I have some things in the works, but don't want to promise they will be ready.

Click here to check out Erin's new TPT store!


Erin :)


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