Monday, July 11, 2011

The Book Whisperer Special Event!!- Homeschooling

I am super excited to read all about The Book Whisperer from a homeschooling perspective. Cindy is hosting this great special event over at her blog love2learn2day.

If you are also a homeschool teacher and would like to link up for this special event just add your blog to the linky party below to share your ideas with other homeschool teachers.

5 Brilliant Teaching Thoughts:

Nicole said...

I was a little disappointed that no other homeschoolers chimed in on this discussion. I was really hoping to hear what other home educators thought about the book as it pertains to their teaching.

Beth said...

Me too! I was very interested in hearing what home school teachers had to say...but maybe not too many home school bloggers follow me?

Kathleen said...

I don't have a blog, but I'll share a few thoughts. I was a classroom teacher (mostly 1st grade) for 15 years and am now homeschooling my 3 & 5 year olds (both of which began reading at 3). I have experienced a paradigm shift in my philosophy of education in the transition from classroom teacher to homeschool mom. I never expected to homeschool, having been steeped in the world of institutionalized education for so long. I am grateful that my own two kiddos will be the first beneficiaries of my progressive shift. Though I have not read The Book Whisperer, we live a very book centered life. I am fortunate to have my classroom collection at home now. My kids don't play video games, "learning games" on the computer, have limited worksheet time and even limited "learning center" type games. I am learning how to let book centered learning drive our learning. I still am structured and live by a scope and sequence of what I teach, but I'm learning to let go of my pour-it-out previous style of teaching and embrace the lets-soak-it-in learning together. I still use very orderly curriculum like Math U See, but am also learning the benefits of literature based learning in programs like Truth Quest (history). Thanks for letting me share my thoughts! I love teacher blogs and learning from what others do too!

Beth said...

Thanks for sharing Kathleen!

Cindy said...

Here are my thoughts:

Lots to think about!
Cindy @ love2learn2day

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