Monday, July 4, 2011

Whisper- Surveys

Head over to these stupendous blogs to see what other thoughts are being "thunk" about student surveys!

I love surveys....well, I love surveys in the classroom. Real life, not so much (especially those pesky telemarketers that always know when it's dinner time!). I have used surveys in my classroom since I started teaching and always have one at the beginning of the year....BUT I have never thought of using them to inform my book recommendations for students. Amazing idea. I always used them to know a little about my student's family back ground, subject likes/dislikes and as a bit of a writing diagnostic. I am definitely going to look at my student surveys in a whole new light come September and I think I will also repeat the survey halfway through the year to see if my student's interests have changed as they have grown.

Have you used surveys in the past? What information did you hope to get from them?
What is your plan for student surveys after reading this "whisper"?
Do you have a student survey prepared? Post it as a freebie!

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Kelli Beason said...

Hey Beth,

Plan on posting this tomorrow! However, I am having a math linky party and my giveaway still. I am loving following along with everyone on their ideas from the Book Whisper. Hope you had a good 4th!

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