Friday, July 15, 2011

"Mrs. Lyons says...."

Sigh, I have been waiting all day to sit down and write this post! Too much going on over here at my house. The baby is teething, for the first time...we think! The doctor told us it was the flu due to her "symptoms" but almost every other mom I have talked says, nope...teeth! Doctors apparently don't like to say the symptoms Avery is experiencing goes along with teething in case it is some thing more serious which makes sense but it doesn't make my last few days or nights any less stressful!

Anyway, back to the post! Mrs. Bainbridge's Class in having a linky party all about what the teacher know, those things you start to hear your students parrot back to you throughout the year. Super fun. Here's my contribution.

1. I am a big believer in looking on the bright side and not letting the little things become big things. So when my students freak out because an assembly went too long and they missed part of recess I tell them that I'm pretty sure the sun will come up tomorrow regardless of this catastrophe. They don't do well on a small quiz or assignment, the sun will come up tomorrow. Etc, etc. (Maybe I played Little Orphan Annie in a past life?) Anyway, usually around November or December at least a few of students have caught on to this and start to give each other the same advice. Priceless!!
Student A: Oh man, I left my (insert favourite toy among Grade 4 boys here) at home!
Student B: No worries, the sun will still come out tomorrow.

I literally have to bite my lip to stop from laughing out loud.

2. I spend a lot of time in class demonstrating and discussing how we talk to each other during group work because I love group work! I think/pair/share, round robin, etc out the wazoo...if I can't have at least one part of lesson be done in groups I usually won't do it! I mean after all, life is just one big session of group work. Anyway, I talk a lot to my students how it is totally okay to disagree with each other. Adults don't always think everyone around them is right so why should kids? But the important thing is how you disagree. I tell my students that you have to appreciate that people have a different opinion or idea and respectfully disagree. Be kind, be gentle and don't be rude. There's always one student who takes me 100% literally and can be overheard during group saying, "While I appreciate that you have a different opinion than me, I respectfully disagree with you!" It kills me every time. So polite. So proper. So funny.

These don't necessarily fit the linky party but I thought they were fun enough to share!

3. This one I think really comes from the demographic in which I teach. Almost 100% of my class is from an East Asian country and it seems to be part of their culture to call their teacher "Teacher"...but it drives me crazy! Whenever a students comes up to me and says, "Teacher?" I reply with, "Yes, Student?" and it gets a giggle every time. Names are important, people!

4. Finally, it seems to me that a lot of my students like to announce how many questions they have. For example, "Mrs. Lyons, I have 2 questions." Why? Why do they do this? To keep myself sane because for some reason it drives me bananas as well I will answer with "Okay, I have 2 answers." Gets a smile every time, too.

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Christina Bainbridge said...

Love it! :) I tell my kiddos something similar to number 1- "You'll still grow up and be a success whether ____ happened to you on one day in Mrs. Bainbridge's class when you were 8 years old". I love to hear them tell each other that!

Thanks for joining my linky party! I'll have to incorporate your "respectful disagree" next year!


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