Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Looking for a Smile on a Tuesday Morning?

Here's a video collaboration created by a couple of different schools in my board. It'll make your day!

4 Brilliant Teaching Thoughts:

Holly said...

Absolutely love this - I don't know what life looks like in your state, but in Michigan we are taking quite a beating from our less than stellar governor Rick Snyder. I have a high school senior helping in my classroom right now - she was a first grade student of mine. She wanted to "teach like you Mrs. W." when she grew up. She still has the bug and I have to bite my tongue from saying "don't do it"..this video, in some small way, gave back (at least for the moment) that which has been stolen from me (from our governor, our media, and much of the general population) my LOVE for teaching. Thanks SOOOOOO much for posting that....it made me smile!!!! :)

Beth said...

Holly- Your comment made my day! I'm sorry to hear that things are so bad in your state. I am not too far away from you actually....just across the border in Ontario. Our systems are very different I think but overall I do think that a general respect for education has been lost.

tmarie said...

Great video. Even my girls (ages 13,11,9) and my son (6) asked to watch it again. Thanks for posting something so inspirational!
Spotlight on Kindergarten

Tamara L. Chilver said...

What an awesome video! When the TBA authors get together in the future, we have to create a fun video like that! It is so inspiring! Thanks for sharing. ☺

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