Thursday, September 8, 2011

Three Days Down...187 More to Go!

Well, I am starting to feel like I actually have my feet under me and can take a moment to blog about my first week back at work. I am really enjoying my class, they are super cute and really eager to learn it seems. Implementing Read to Self as part of my Daily Three (adapted from Daily 5) is going fabulously! I even had a boy today ask if he could take his book home because in the past all he ever did was play video games but now he wants to read at home....aww, my little heart just about burst!

I have taken some pictures to show you what we have been up to in Grade 4 these past 3 days.


The three ways to read a book and our stamina count...already up to 5 minutes!

This is hanging above our carpet area. We brainstormed appropriate carpet behaviours and create the I chart outlined in The Daily 5 for the start of Read to Self.

Here is my behaviour clip chart in action. So far there haven't been any moves down the chart and I have been trying to really emphasize the good things students have been doing.

I like to allow my students to have input into the classroom rules so what we did what brainstorm what each rule might look like and sound like in our room. The students each had a marker and walked around in a gallery walk and added their own ideas to each poster. I asked that they try to write an idea on at least 4 of the 6  posters and if their idea was already on the poster then they could repeat it because it must be important. Tomorrow we are going to add some other ideas that I want on the charts that weren't added by students and then the charts will be laminated and kept in the room for the year!

This was my first math lesson of the year. In the top right of the picture you can see the data table we created my collecting the birthdays of the class. We then took that data and created a bar graph of our class' birthdays. The students reviewed important terms such as x-axis, y-axis, labels, titles, and scale. This will stay up for the rest of our data management unit so that the students can reference it as we work on other data management skills.

And...I already received my first drawing from a student which I promptly hung up by my favourite poster!

Tomorrow we are doing a pretty complicated art lesson that I am excited about and my student teacher is finally arriving! Plus, it's FRIDAY!!

2 Brilliant Teaching Thoughts:

Runde's Room said...

We're three days in as well. Looks like you've accomplished a bit more than I have ... we're moving quite slowly right now - following rules and routines are NOT this class's strong point. We'll get there, though ... I hope!!!

Runde's Room

Dr. Reginia said...

Your classroom is very attractive. The beginning of the school year is very hectic. It's great that your feet are on the ground again. Have a great year and I'll be checking back soon.

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